Riding out the long time dream on an Early morning, Pushing towards the snow covered mountains, which we haven't seen before and on the way we were blessed with the first sunrise of the roadtrip.
The paddy fields in the Punjab region and the sunrise was a complete bliss.
  Over the mountains and through the woods.
While riding the roads connecting Srinagar and Kargil, You'll experience some of the finest visual treat well composed by The Earth itself.
There are roads which are narrow, twisty and high landslide&rockfall zone and then there are the wide open never ending stretches.
There are roads which are.. Oh ! Sorry, there are no roads !
Somewhere in between the less travelled link between Nubra Valley and Pangong TSO.
To climb the Mountain, You should cross the Plain.
Some unnecessary action, which I've later felt like foolishness. 
Never the right place to perform.
The goosebumps, water crossings have created cannot be defined !!!
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